Then I clicked Send!

“Then I clicked Send.

Aah!  That feeling of anxiousness when I clicked send.  Unexplainable!

Nervous energy took over me.  I was nearly trembling and kept on clicking Inbox every few seconds.  Every micro second seemed like a minute as I kept on clicking the Inbox link, like a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder patient, which I am not.

What would be her response?  I pondered over that question a million times before writing to her, while writing to her and after writing to her.  It shouldn’t be a No, I thought to myself.

If it’s a No, I would be heartbroken.

I would not be able to do anything for few days.  Each and every moment, I would think that I am a loser and I would go close to dying thinking of that.  I would be depressed for a few days, or maybe few weeks or maybe even for a few months.

Am I not good enough for her?  Am I not talented?  What is lacking in me?  All these questions were lingering over my head as i was thinking about a No.

But It can’t be a No.  She never hinted that way.  Why would she ask me to mail her in detail, if it were a No.  It should be a Yes.

The moment I started thinking about the Yes, Will she send those 3 words?  What are the next steps?  What should I talk to her next?  What would happen next?  All these questions started lingering in my mind.

Don’t build castles in the air.  I thought to myself.

Let her reply first.  Let her reply first.  Let her type that response that I am craving for. Let her also click that Send.  Let my Inbox(8) become Inbox(9).  Let there be a new row in bold in the email list.  Let the sender be Riya.  Then I will open the mail, read it and then I will think of all those things.

As I anxiously and impatiently waited, clicking my Inbox link like crazy every few seconds, finally it came.  That email.  My Inbox(8) became Inbox(9).  The sender was Riya.  The first item in the mail list was bold.  I clicked on it.

My heart skipped a beat.  My pulse raised and felt like it was 700 beats per minute.  Finally I smiled without my knowledge.  I felt like I was having a new meaning to my life.  It started with Yes, followed by those 3 words.  Those 3 words, that I craved for.  The sound of which could make me go high, even without any drugs.

“You are selected.” read those 3 words

By a college freshman, who met the HR of his dream company at an event, in which he had presented.  They had a chat and she was interested in hiring him and she had asked to send her a detailed email with his resume.  He composed an email along with his resume, and Then he Clicked Send.


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  1. Rajaram, This is Shalini. Your junior. Tdm team. You story is nice, seymma hyped shorty story. Antha three words build up is good and innum neraiya eluthunga… All the best

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