Writer or Storyteller?

Something has been running in my mind for sometime now.  Whether I should be a Writer or a Storyteller? or both?

What’s exactly is the difference?  Or at least what I find?

A writer writes to communicate his/her ideas and uses his/her own unique style to voice their opinions and probably influence the readers or even just express the ideas or thoughts.  It is more theme based, sometimes it is also flow based.  As writers, we just let it flow.

But a storyteller has a story to tell ( And I am talking about fictional stories here).  So the main objective is to tell the story and it’s message.  Obviously one has to use their writing skills if they were to express the story in writing.  But the question is till what extent?

For a short story, it is more event based.  For example, I see an event.  I get inspired by it and my creative mind creates a story (short one) out of it.  Then I start writing it.  Then midway through my newly created story, I suddenly start feeling that even though I am telling the story, maybe I am not doing enough justice to my writing. Maybe I am not letting it flow.  I somehow think that the story restricts the writing and vice versa.  Or maybe they don’t gell together.

So this is the dilemma I have.  Have you ever felt it?  If so, what are your thoughts about this?


  1. As a writer, you tell your story through this medium. So there is not doubt that the writing should be given importance. Having said that the language need not be very difficult to understand or one where the reader is forced to refer to the dictionary every second word.The story and the writing are not exclusive to each other. Use simple but effective words that put the message across. Use the language to tell the story, not your vocabulary. 😉 Hope this helps. 🙂

    1. Hmm.. It’s not only about the vocabulary. I was more worried about my natural style that comes with flow based writing, but doesn’t come with story based writing. Maybe it’s a transition that I have to go through or I may discover something new in the process 🙂

      Thanks for conveying your thoughts. That helped.

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