My tryst with Ribo continues…

This is almost real with little fiction. If you don’t know about the character Ribo, please read my previous post Ribo – A short fiction. Those who know about Ribo, carry on with this post.

As expected, after I shut Ribo down, Ribo came back stronger, this time with more purpose. But I am not going to give in that easily. So, we had this conversation when I sat down to write.

Ribo: “Hey, buddy, you are too tired to write today.”

Me: “But, I haven’t written yesterday too. I was busy applying for blogadda.  So I wanna write today at any cost”

Ribo: “Yeah, I know.  But it’s not a waste of time.  Is it? You have gained something.”

Me: “Yeah, I have. But the point is my goal was Write daily except probably weekends.”

Ribo: “Oh, come on, you are too tired today. Take the day off.”

Me: “Nope, I can’t. Sorry. I am gonna write anyway today.”

Ribo’s face droops again.

Ribo: “Come on, nowadays you aren’t listening to me. Why?”

Me: “You are wrong. I am selectively listening to you.”

Ribo: “Aaahaan. Like?”

Me: “Like, if you say don’t write, I won’t listen to you. But if you say, you can’t publish without proper editing, I am listening. I can give more examples, but you do get the point. Don’t you?”

Ribo: “Oh yeah. I get it now. But, don’t you think I am going to lose my job if this continues. My main job is to stop the writer from doing his/her job.”

Me: “Haha. You see, I am making you my friend. Which means you will divert all your negative energy into something more positive for me.  That’s what you are already doing.  You are helping me out, already.”

Ribo: “How? How? how? ”

Me: “By alerting me when I go down the wrong path.”

Ribo: “Oh. But I don’t want to do that. My main job is to stop you from writing.”

Me: “Hmm. In that case, Ribo, you aren’t going to win.”

Upset at what I said,

Ribo: “How is that?”

Me: “Because, I have taken a secret pledge or oath that whenever I feel you are being my enemy, I will write about you and try to make you my friend.  That’s the only way I can get better.”

Ribo thought about it for a while,

Ribo: “Should I leave you and go to the writer that’s in the next building?”

Me: “Haha. You can’t leave me. Don’t you know that? I am a writer.”

Ribo makes a sad smiley face.

Ribo: “Yeah, I can’t. But I promise I will come back stronger.”

Me: “I like the challenge. But I will try to be a good friend to you.”

Ribo: “There will be days when I will win you, buddy.  Don’t be egoistic.”

Me: “I know that.  You will win on some days. Just that, I won’t let you win everyday.  I won’t allow you to win in the long term.”

Ribo: “Let’s see. But I also kinda like that challenge.  Nowadays, I am getting bored with normal thoughts. Even my thought process should improve. What better way than have a writer who’s not letting me win. I will take up that challenge.”

Me: “That’s great. That way, we will be friends forever.”

Ribo: “Maybe, let’s see. But for today, you already won I guess.”

Me: “Yeah, I am already writing about this conversation and I have de-cluttered my mind. Tomorrow I can write better and write about different things.”

Ribo: “Ok. Good luck.”

Me: “Good luck to the good side of you, bad luck to the evil side of you.”


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  1. Good luck to Ribo from stopping you from writing!

    On a serious note, does writing about the block help at all? I’ve been sincerely trying to chomp and stomp my way out of the block with little success!

    1. Hmm. That’s an interesting question Janani. I feel one way it does help me is to relieve me of the stress it puts me in if I don’t write about it. By writing, I am indirectly venting out my negative thoughts. A lot of times I feel to anxious when I am not able to write. Writing like this has helped me with my anxiety at least. You can give it a try and see if it works. 🙂 There’s no harm in trying.

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