My date with YourQuote

If you are wondering who is YourQuote, be rest assured that YourQuote is not a girl.  Because if it’s a girl, slippers would head in the direction of my face from my beloved wife.

Ok, poor jokes apart.

After January 12, when I wrote this piece of fiction, I really haven’t been writing much.  Enter March 1, I was almost into Writer’s Block.  Yeah, my Ribo.  🙁

By now, my work life had become just too busy to even think about writing, let alone sit and write something.  I couldn’t get any time at all for writing.

I desperately needed something to keep me going in my writing journey.  That’s when I discovered

I got to know of it from one of my relatives, who is also a Writer and blogs here.

(Warning: She is a better writer than me.  Don’t unfollow me after visiting her blog. 😛 )

When I joined YourQuote, I immediately felt at home.  Because it was a community of writers.  YourQuote is a mobile app (Both Android and iOS versions available), where you can simply write quotes or nanotales or any random piece of writing or even longer ones if you prefer.  The app places your words in a beautiful background image and publishes it.

What got me interested was that they had a word of the day challenge, where many new and seasoned writers participated.

It soon became interesting and I started writing more and more quotes, nanotales, etc.

The interesting part is I didn’t need to spend a lot of time together to write and socialize.  It was just minutes.  That solved a critical problem for me.  Lack of Time.

I could always manage 5-15 mins of time.  But not half an hour or an hour together for writing.  That’s how I used to write earlier.

Review of YourQuote:

  1. It’s a wonderful app.  I love it for it’s simplicity.  It works something like this for Writers.
    1. Write a quote
    2. Select a background picture
    3. Mention tags to make it searchable
    4. Publish & share in social media platforms
    5. Your quote is now available for all readers/writers to read.
  2. The platform is run by a baba, YQBaba, who will inspire writers with two daily challenges.  This was a boon for a writer like me, who was looking for some writing inspiration.
  3. Readers can use this app too.  I have seen many good writers inside the app whose works are definitely worth reading.  For readers, the app works something like this
    1. You can follow/search any writer or using tags
    2. Once following, you get their quotes in your feed.
    3. You can like, comment and also share the quote in other social media platforms.
  4. If you are a desperate writer like me, 🙂 you can give it a try.
  5. Even if you are a not-so-desperate writer, you can still give it a try.
  6. It is ideal for writing one-liners or nano-tales.
  7. It’s not suited for long writing, the kind I usually write here in wordpress.  Although I have seen some writers write extensively inside the caption box.  But definitely, not my thing.
  8. The most interesting part is that it needs very less time to write a quote.
  9. Another interesting part is that it has a lovely community of seasoned and new writers.  They also do have a facebook group which is very supportive.  And one of the founder moderates the discussions.
  10. Another of another interesting part is that the app makes our quotes google searchable.  So, my works are available if you search “rajaraman quotes” in Google.  Try it out.  Yeah, now I am a celebrity.  You can search my quotes just like you search all other authors’ quotes.
  11. It makes you write daily.  The daily challenges are interesting.  And also, you can feed off other writers’ energies.

Psychology behind YourQuote:

I do have an interest in human psychology, so I should write this part 😀

As I spent more time with YourQuote, I was starting to think about why I was doing so.    YourQuote happens to use a person’s Idle capacity quite well.

What’s meant by Idle capacity.  It’s the time left after the productive capacity of a person.  For example, When we are working, we aren’t involved in the work 100% of the time.  We tend to take very short breaks which might be due to several reasons (Maybe we are bored with our work, maybe our nature of work has some waiting periods, maybe we wantedly take a break because we are stressed).  That’s the time we usually go browse something, use whatsapp, use Facebook and what not.

YourQuote taps into this idle capacity time perfectly.  Now, it has eaten into my time on facebook, whatsapp, etc.  So, if you look at the trend, any app like facebook, whatsapp, etc. allowed us to steal bits of time and use them.  Over a period of time, it became so addictive that we end up spending more time.  That’s exactly what’s happening with my time with YourQuote.

But it’s good.  Because writing is productive for me.  So, for me, I am using my non-productive time productively..

And reading other writer’s work is productive too.  Because I get exposed to some new perspectives, new words, etc..  It’s actually also a very grounding exercise.  Because when I joined this app, I thought I was a very good writer.  So I was kinda floating.  But when I looked at some of the writings there, I got lot of doubts about my writing skills and brought me back to the land. 🙂

I believe every writer needs to go through such exercises time and again to avoid the damn thing getting to your head.  Already I have one constant battle with Ribo.  I do not want another one battle with my false sense of superiority 🙂

So, end of psychology lessons for you folks.

Ok, now for some CTA (Call to Action) for all my fellow readers and writers.

  1. You can have a look at my quotes that I have written here
  2. Also, you should join
  3. After trying out, please let me know your comments.  I will be waiting.

What am I missing now and my future plans?

Now, I am actually feeling guilty of my infidelity to wordpress.  You see, wordpress is my first love when it comes to fiction writing.  Afterall, wordpress gave me the fan following that I have right now and provided me with a base platform because I started from 0.

I actually miss my long form writing.  I love writing articles/posts that are long like this.  (In fact, I consider even this one as short).  Also my love for writing short stories has never gone down, even though I am not writing anything right now.

YourQuote helped me immensely when I was suffering due to my Ribo.  So, I am always grateful to that.  So from now on, I would try to balance both.  I will use YourQuote for the one-liners and wordpress for the short stories and other longer pieces of my writing.

That kinda makes me polyamorous, isn’t it?  But it’s far better than cheating with either one of them. 😀  I’m sure both of them will understand.

So, that’s it, my dear readers and writers.  Enjoy the week ahead and hope to see a few of you on YourQuote.


  1. I second with Sayanti Deb here. Eager to check the app out now – thank you for the detailed insights. You’ve simplified the entire package to a great extent

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