H – Hero (A short fiction)

I always wanted to become a hero. I wanted to taste that celebrity status. I wanted to understand, how it felt like. Besides, I always knew I wanted to be in acting and to be very good at it. So, I was practicing hard and was always improving my acting skills.

Daily, I spent 4 hours at the gym trying to maintain my 6-pack abs. That’s cool. Isn’t it? Having a 6-pack abs.

Nowadays, many heroes have it. But still, it’s a differentiation. Everyone is an actor, nowadays. But to get that solitary chance, I would have to struggle. Struggle a lot. And that’s where these small things stand out.

I was meeting several assistant directors and then directors. To keep my profile updated, I would just act in short films.

I would always choose a new director, and whose story is damn good and there is good scope for acting. It was like a win win for both me as well as the new and aspiring director.

But that day was very important, as I was about to go and meet a famous director. Apparently, he saw me in one of the premiered short films and wanted me to meet him to discuss about his upcoming project.


It was a dream come true for me. I was going to talk with the most respected director in the Tamil film industry. When I heard the news from his assistant director, I couldn’t believe the news and I pinched myself several times, I was so overjoyed and filled with disbelief. I knew, for my efforts, the results would come, but I didn’t think the opportunity will be this big.

So that night, I happily went to sleep, excited. I could rarely sleep, due to my adrenaline rushing. But I had to sleep, as the meeting was scheduled at 7.00 AM at his house. It’s a half an hour drive from my home, so I planned to get up at 5.30 AM and get ready. I decided to move my gym sessions to the evening, because there would have been a time clash.

But bad luck had something in store for me, the next day. Instead of 5.30 AM, I woke up only at 6.30 AM. So I quickly got up in a state of panic and got ready in another 10 minutes. However, I felt I had screwed it up already, it was a bad start, I would have been still late for the meeting.

Anyway, I rushed out of my home and started my car and whizzed.

I was catching up fast, It was 6.50 by now, and I had reached almost half distance. If I rushed even more, I would make it on time. At least, that would have saved me some face.

It would have been a stupid idea to go late to meet the best director in your industry. Directors make heroes, big heroes. And being late to such meetings, they will think that I am being disrespectful.

While, I was thinking that I could make it on time, the traffic started slowing down. There was little traffic till that point, but all of a sudden, in a few seconds, the traffic made all the vehicles to a halt.

It was a couple of minutes, it was mostly two wheeler traffic. I was trying to have a look at what happened. Usually, at that time, there would be no traffic, forget about a traffic jam. Now I lost my patience and got out of the car and went ahead to see what it was.

Seemed, there was an accident. An old man and a small kid were severely injured and lot of blood was getting wasted. It seemed, One of them had tied up the kid’s head with a cloth in order to stop the blood flow. But still the cloth was soaked with blood.

I asked one of the bystander as to what happened. He said, the old man’s bike skidded due to sudden brake from the bike before them and they hit the bike that was coming near them. They said, they had called an ambulance and it would reach in another 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, a traffic police had come and started clearing the area. “Come on, everyone leave way for the vehicles and stand. Whose car is that? Clear it.”

I rushed back to my car. As I was going back to my car, I couldn’t forget the face of the bleeding kid. He would probably be studying 5th or 6th standard. Something told me that, he needed immediate attention. But what would I do? Besides I had to go meet the director, it’s already late.

So I started the car, I moved slowly. I was in a dilemma whether to speed away or help them. “Ambulance would be here in another few minutes, so God will take care of this.” I thought and started to leave.

As I crossed the crowd, I didn’t know what happened but I stopped my car. I got out of the car and asked the people to help me in getting the injured inside the car.

Two bystanders came along with me in their bikes and we went to the nearby hospital and got them admitted. I was relieved that we had reached them to hospital a good 5-10 minutes before the ambulance would have reached.

After a while, I came to know that the boy had suffered severe injury in his head and there was a lot of blood loss. The doctor then told him that the boy was out of danger, and if they were late by 10-15 minutes, the boy could have become very serious. I became relieved.

Meanwhile, I called the assistant director and told him that I got stuck and I couldn’t come. He scolded me for having missed an opportunity. But all those, didn’t feel important to me at that time.

After a couple of hours, a group of people came in. It seemed it was the boy’s mother and father. They rushed to see their child. And when people told that I had helped to rush them to the hospital, they thanked me a lot for saving their child’s life.

But I was eager to see that boy. I didn’t know why, still I had a feeling that I would see him, and maybe talk to him once and then leave.

In sometime, the boy was alright and he was able to talk. Once his family met him, they called me inside and told him “Rohan, this is the uncle who helped you reach here on time. You have to thank him.”

“Thank you, uncle.” he said, in a weak voice.

“It’s ok my boy. Get well soon.”

“So, what do you do Sir?” His father asked me.

I am an actor, I have acted in a few short films and I am looking forward to become a hero.

“Uncle, you saved my life. You are already my hero.”

Those words changed me. If I look back at that day, I knew I grew up a lot that day.

Now, I have become a movie hero, I am a much wanted celebrity. But that day taught me that it’s good to become a reel hero, but it’s always better to become a real Hero for someone.

The End.


Dear readers, please feel free to comment/critique my stories. It would be of immense help.  In case you already don’t know, I am writing this as part of the A to Z short story challenge

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