N – Novel (A short fiction)

“Wow, this doesn’t usually happen.” I exclaim.

I read today’s page from the life novel, just to confirm if it’s really true. It read,

“Today, I saw a handsome young man at the Moore’s cafe, in Chennai. He had the life novel along with him. I think I have read about him in the life novel that I have, he usually came to the Moore’s cafe carrying his laptop. He had mentioned in the novel that, he usually wears a white t-shirt with blue jean, and the white t-shirt has an owl symbol in it. I remember reading from the life novel, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the person, about whom I was reading. “

“I usually come to the cafe at 5.00 o clock, but today I came in by 6.00 PM because I had some other work. Maybe this is his regular time. So, from tomorrow I will also come in by 6.00 PM. Why? Because I kinda like him. I have read about him, he’s a nice chap, from what I have read about him and now looking at him in person, I have somehow started liking him. He noticed me looking at him, I felt a bit awkward. After that, I didn’t look at him much as I was shy and embarrassed. After a while, I left the cafe.”


It’s so fascinating, isn’t it? I mean the concept of a Life Novel. How on earth the Novel writes itself? That too one page a day, about a random person on earth who also has the life novel. Like this girl who is reading my life as a novel, one page a day.

How does this happen? God only knows. Is it science? Or is it magic? Or is it some spy work? Like someone spying on a person’s life and filling out the pages. But it’s not even online, it’s a physical novel. I have had a lot of trouble figuring that out, but then I left and started enjoying the novel pages.

It’s always fascinating someone’s life as a story. And when it’s live, it is even more wonderful.

It usually happens that we get to read about some random person, mostly not from our own country. Because, the company which invented the Life Novel, was worried about privacy breach.

I feel, there are two flaws in my particular case. One, I am reading the story of a person who is from the same location. Two, I have the novel which has her story and she has the novel which has my story. This was never supposed to happen, it was like a phone or an email communication. But somehow, in our case, it was happening.

Interesting isn’t it? Otherwise how could she know and could have detailed about my dress and at what time I come to the cafe?

Ok, let’s go to the cafe tomorrow and say a hi to her. Seems, she is interested in me a little bit. So let’s ask her out for a coffee, before she orders her own coffee.

It was 5.30 PM the next day, when it was time to go to the cafe, I got a very urgent official work. So I had to finish that up and then go. It was almost 7.15 PM by the time I went to the cafe.

I rushed there, but I couldn’t see her. She was gone.

It was sad that I couldn’t meet her today. Then I thought, “Ok, let’s see what happened to her today, in today’s page.”

I went home and turned the pages to the last written page of the life novel.

“I wanted to meet him today. So I went in a beautiful red churidar. I was eager to talk to him. I don’t know why? But somehow I liked him. Besides, having read about him, he was good in character and being very helpful to others. So I decided that I would talk to him and maybe if he is interested, work out a date.

But I waited, I waited, I waited for an hour, almost. He didn’t turn up. Maybe, he was stuck with something. So I left the cafe at 7.10 PM and thought, maybe destiny would make us meet the next day.”

Shit, what a wasted opportunity, I thought to myself. I started “Only today, I had to get the work? Oh God.” Since, I have read about her, I knew she was quite good and charming and bold. So, let’s go there tomorrow and meet her at any cost. Even if I get some official work, I would tell them that I have got some personal emergency. Yeah, meeting a prospective life partner is a personal emergency, for sure.

So the next day, I was so curious that I didn’t want to miss meeting her. I finished work early and I was at the cafe at 5.00 PM. I didn’t know, maybe she might just come at 5.00 PM that day. But it turned out that she didn’t turn up even at 6.00 PM.

I waited till 8.00 PM and then returned home, disappointed. Then I was desparate to find out what happened to her today.

So, I started reading the last written page.

“Hope today, he might turn up. Last night, I read from the Life Novel that I have, that he did come in at 7.15 PM. Maybe, I should have waited for 5 minutes longer. So the interesting thing is he is also interested in me. How can I read his mind through this amazing discovery called the Life Novel. It’s amazing.

Today I am wearing a blue churidar. I know blue is his favorite color, I have read it. It’s interesting, isn’t it? I mean how we would be with each other after marriage. I mean both of us would know about each other from the Life novel. There won’t be much spice. Ain’t it? I think I am jumping the gun here. Marriage? We haven’t even started dating yet. Sometimes, this strange thing called love can build castles in the air, not just castles, entire world in the air. But that’s how it is. Hopefully, from today, we both need not rely on the novels to know each other’s minds.

I am on the way to the cafe now, hope

What? This entry ended abruptly. Why? What happened? I have never seen anything like this before, incomplete entries.

So, I waited for a few hours, after seeing that there wasn’t any update, I started checking the Life Novel’s website. I searched to see if there was anything in the FAQ section, related to this. One thing caught my eye. It read

I get an incomplete entry or a blank page in my Life Novel. What does it mean?

It means that the person whose life you have been reading, has lost his/her novel. Does it mean, you will get the life details of another person who has got hold of the novel. No. Remember the activation using your heartbeat, the novel will only communicate details about the person if the heartbeat syncs. You will start to get their story if in case they find their lost novel in 10 days, otherwise we would deactivate the novel of the person. After which, you have the option of waiting till that novel finds that person or you can chose to read stories from another person’s life.

Oh, shit. Maybe she lost the life novel in the middle. I have no other choice but to go there and find out. And let’s see if I am able to meet her at least tomorrow. Now, I am no longer interested in her story, but in her. Let’s go there and try to find out tomorrow.

Next day, after a frantic search, exhausted, I returned home.

I took out the Life Novel and turned to the last page. It was blank, as I expected. I took a pen and started writing.

“While I was so excited thinking about meeting him at the cafe, I had a lapse in concentration and I crossed the road without noticing that there was a speeding bus heading towards me. It hit me and I swung into the air and landed a good 100 metres away.. A lot of blood was bleeding from my head, and literally everywhere. Eventually, I died on the spot. I died without meeting him.”

I wrote that with immense pain in my heart. I broke down after writing that and I cried, I cried and cried the whole night.

The End of Novel


Dear readers, please feel free to comment/critique my stories. It would be of immense help.  In case you already don’t know, I am writing this as part of the A to Z short story challenge

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  1. Oh my god she died?! Really dint see that coming! But truly a novel concept on life novel! I read about ‘Human books’ or ‘Human Libraries’ that have recently started in Hyderabad where people get to talk to a person like their life was a book. But life novel sounds more interesting 🙂

    1. Hmmm thanks Shri. Yeah, it does sound interesting. Maybe I can even think a full novel around this concept 😛
      Thanks for commenting, keep reading!

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    This is my favorite work from “mitadaur”. I love the creativity in this. Characters write their novels day by day from the heart and if they pass away, then the novel ends. Love it

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